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Bed Bugs in Hotels

Bed Bugs in Hotels

By Mark | Bed Bug Prevention , Bed Bugs Travel

Everyone is traveling and when you travel, you often have to stay in hotels. This creates serious problems in the spread of bed bugs worldwide as there are bed bugs in hotels. When just one hotel becomes infested with bed bugs, everyone who stays at that hotel is at risk of taking bed bugs away with them.

Even if you were fortunate enough not to have suffered bed bug bites during your stay, bed bugs and bed bug eggs may be on your clothes and your luggage, and you’re giving them that free ride into your home or wherever you’re staying at next.

Although more and more hotels are recognizing the seriousness of bed bug infestations by hiring exterminators and spraying their rooms regularly, some infestations may still escape their attention or the hotel may be so badly managed that they just don’t care about your comfort and well-being. Traveling bed-bug-free in this day and age requires a lot of vigilance on your part.

So, in this post, I’m going to provide you with some important tips to avoid getting bed bugs in hotels when you’re traveling. These tips are split into 3 sections (things to do before you travel, things to do while you’re traveling, and things to do when you get home).
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Bed Bugs NYC

Bed Bugs in NYC

By Mark | Bed Bugs Travel

It’s hardly a surprise, but New York City (NYC) is infected with bed bugs! Some say that as many as 10% of NYC inhabitants have bed bugs (whether they know if or not). There are two main reasons for this high infestation rate in NYC: (1) the huge numbers of tourists that pass through the city daily often bring bed bugs with them, and (2) the close-living quarters in the city makes it difficult for pest control to effectively exterminate entire buildings.

It’s hard to find a hotel in New York that doesn’t have bed bugs these days. Before staying at any hotel, I read the reviews of that hotel for anything that suggests it has had bed bugs recently and then google the name of my hotel with the words “bed bugs” after it to see if any blog posts or news articles pop up about it. Plenty of hotels in New York have had bed bug infestations so I take extra precautions when staying in New York.

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