Product Reviews

Because we help out so many people with their bed bug concerns and infestations, we often get asked for our advice on various products. The following is a list of the reviews that we’ve written on various products. This list is by no means exhaustive, and we tend to review mostly products that we like or think work. We don’t usually want to tell you that a product is terrible only to find out that we simply misused the product or were an exceptional case. If you have any requests for reviews, please leave the requests in the comments below, and we’ll probably post a review, since we’ve tried and experimented with more products than you’d care to know about.

As a general disclaimer, we have not run controlled trials on any of these products, so our opinions, although well-informed, are based on the experiences of our readers, friends, and acquaintances. We’ve accumulated many of these experiences, but your mileage may vary. For instance, we know many people who have used Bed Bug Bully and subsequently seen many fewer or no bed bugs. Given such results, we think that it is a fairly effective “green” spray, but it is impossible for us (or anyone outside of a controlled testing facility) to know for sure that it is more effective that Green Rest Easy, which we don’t believe is nearly as effective.

If you have used any of the products below, then we encourage you to visit our review and leave any comments, feedback, or suggestions that you may have.


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